I In July 2005 I started endorsing DW drums, pedals, and hardware. Later that year Vater started helping me out, and in 2006 Sabian signed on. These companies have been priceless in keeping me on the road. they also are the best at what they do, and have team attitudes. My current set up is shown here: (9.1.10)

Drums: by endorsement
Drum Workshop
Collector's Series
in Blue Glass finish ply & Twisted Rainbow Wood.

VLT Toms, VLX and X Floor toms, VLX Kicks.

Hardware: by endorsement
9000 Single pedals
9500 Hihat
9300 Snare drum stand
9100 Throne
9700 Boom stands
9900 Double tom stands
SM788 Dog Bones
SM2031 Puppy Bones
SM934 Cymbal arms
SM2141X Hihat Attachment
5000 series Double Pedals

Cymbals:Sabian by endorsement
A)20"HH Chinese
B)17"AAX Dark Crash
D)14"HHX Fusion Hats
E)20" HHX Power Ride
F)18" HHX Power Crash
G)18" AAX Chinese
H)19" AAX Dark Crash

: by endorsement
Vater "Shedder" model
All Audio and images are © Dan Lamagna 2003.